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We furnish stimulating spaces

Sitting down is a serious matter. Being comfortable, for many hours a day, is the basis of every project. This is why we want those who use our chairs to forget that they have to be comfortable, have to change their position and think about their back pain. We want workers to be inspired only by their work and to do this we love chairs that allow it.

During almost 40 years of activity we have specialized in meeting the most varied requests of people from all over the world who need to create working environments and community spaces where thought and work are at the center of everything.

That’s why we create more than 10,000 components and assemble the meeting of your needs according to your personal needs.

From anywhere in the world you come, Moving is ready to accommodate your needs, to turn your projects into reality.

Big spaces for big dreams.

One of the main features for which we distinguish are the delivery times: 2/3 weeks. In large contracts where many suppliers are involved, we know how important it is to do your part well so as not to complicate things and do not hinder your employees. This is why from production to shipping we have reduced the need for third parties to a minimum, we do everything at home, and the possible complications that could arise from the outside are no longer there.

The immense variety of colors, finishes, wheels, feet, boards, cushions, meets all the needs of the designers, and where we meet particular needs we design and produce components specifically for large quantities.

Tomorrow’s office, today

Working environments have changed, are more colorful, freer, less boring. What does not change is the need for people to work comfortably. We have created mechanisms that regulate 360 ° and that follow the body and its forms. We complete them with the armrests, from fixed to 4 adjustments, essential for working at their best.

We have assembled the technical details on fun and agile chairs, colored and original, which already furnish the spaces of tomorrow, where all the new workers will want to be.

Building business success

A place to host your customers, an environment suitable for your business: you and your office are the first business card for successful business. Over the years we have furnished offices of professionals all over the world with our executive chairs: United Arab Emirates, Russia, France, Palestine, Malta.

Luxury potrone devoted to comfort and relaxation in fine materials such as Pelle Fiore and Columbia, with chrome and bright finishes, and with wide and comfortable armrests and headrests.

A trip to Veneto

Come and visit us in our factories in Trissino, Vicenza. You will touch the raw materials and the strength of our work with your own hands.

Since 1980 we have been concentrating on business growth and we treasure every experience, so today we are strong of a solid name and aware of a guaranteed value.

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